I’m a parent from Vizag and I know of Lioncrest Academy. Is Lioncrest Learning the same company?
Lioncrest Learning and Lioncrest Academy are separate entities but sister schools along with Paramjyoti School which is also our international residential campus for up to grade 12. They leverage synergies that can benefit a child’s learning.
What’s the difference between Lioncrest Academy and Lioncrest Learning?
Lioncrest Academy is a full service in-person international school - all core subjects are included. We also include LIFT (Literacy in Full Throttle), Art (applied art such as pottery, etc) French, and Coding.

Lioncrest Learning is a high-quality online school program available to children across the country. We cover core subjects and have addons for LIFT (Literacy in Full Throttle), Art (applied art such as pottery, etc) French, and Coding. There is no option for in-person schooling with Lioncrest Learning.
I’m an existing Lioncrest Academy Parent. Can I switch?
Yes, you can apply for a Transfer Certificate at Lioncrest Academy by paying the full year’s fee and sign up for Lioncrest Learning if online schooling suits you and your child. Please remember that to go back to Lioncrest Academy, you will be required to pay the acceptance fee again at the new academic year’s price.
What are the costs for  Lioncrest Learning?
For 2022 - 2023 Academic Year
Lioncrest Learning is more affordable and you pay INR 7200 (plus GST) for core subjects per month. You also can get add ons such as French, LIFT, Coding and Applied Art if you choose. For this technology-driven learning, we offer the option of purchasing a device through our Apple Education vendor for approx INR 35,000 and you own and keep that after the agreement period of 1 year with us.
Is there a contract period for Lioncrest Learning?
Yes, the agreement is for 1 academic year with Lioncrest Learning.
Can I break the contract?
Yes, you can break the contract without cost only for moving your child from Lioncrest Learning to Lioncrest Academy. For any other reason, you will be required to pay the full year’s tuition fees at Lioncrest Learning.
What happens if I break my contract with Lioncrest Learning?
You are liable for the year fees with Lioncrest Learning. Without clearing dues, the iPad’s ownership will not be released to you and you will not receive reports from the school.
I have my own device, can I use it?
As long as it's an Apple iPad and you are able to give us authority over it with our Mobile Device Management System (this is done to keep your child and other children safe) you will be able to use your existing iPad. This facility is only available through Apple Education and our Jamf MDM. Due to the lack of security features for Android and other mobile operating systems, we are not able to use them for our learning platform.
I’m a Lioncrest Learning child. What if I want to sign up for the physical school when the pandemic ends?
When the pandemic ends you can sign up by paying the acceptance fee and Lioncrest Academy tuition fees given at that point in time. 
Can I still continue online classes even after the school reopens?
Yes, you can still be with Lioncrest Learning and access online schooling if this suits you more.
Can I get a Transfer Certificate from Lioncrest Learning?
As Lioncrest Learning is an Online School, we can give you a report card of your child's learning. However, if you want a Transfer Certificate, we can arrange that through Lioncrest Academy.