Paramjyoti School

In the early 1980’s Pastor Carl Komanapalli used to send his children Rosalyn and Joshua to a school 70km away from Amalapuram as there was no school that taught in English. In 1985 he brought their children home for their summer break and when it was time to leave, the children and parents didn’t want to separate again. So Carl asked local schools to start English school, and no one came forward. Rev. Carl wrote to his brother Bishop. Ernest Komanapalli the founder of sister organization, Manna Ministries, suggesting they open an English medium school. Bishop. Ernest Komanapalli liked the idea and vision and asked him to proceed.

Under Pastor Carl, the school successfully started its first year in 1985 with over 250 children, and in 1986, Paramjyoti Foundation was formed to honor both his and Pastor Carl’s father in law, Apostle P.L. Paramjyoti. The school purchased 9 acres of agricultural fields with funds donated from Bishops Ernest & Rachel Komanapalli. Along with the School’s property, Bishops Ernest & Rachel Komanapalli and Pastors Carl & Sharon Komanapalli mortgaged their personal assets to secure a loan to build the school building. Rev. Carl Komanapalli has directed the schools and its colleges since its inception in 1985 and his son Joshua Komanapalli has taken the mantle since 2014 to chart the future for the next 35 years. 

Lioncrest Academy


After spending many years outside the country as a student and professional, the director of Lioncrest Academy Mr.Josh Komanapalli returned to India with their children. He searched extensively for a local school on par with international programs such as those in the United States or United Kingdom but to no avail. Instead he found many schools using fear based learning techniques, high student to teacher ratio classes with poor hygiene and lack of creative space. The local schools had not evolved with the times and were still using education methods developed 200 years ago such as rote learning.

To ensure his children would have the same opportunities as themselves, he started Lioncrest Academy.  The Academy would be a school having both academic excellence and holistic education on par with the best international schools in India and on par with learning in the United States and the United Kingdom. For academic education, the Academy uses IB curriculum and inquiry based learning to ensure our children’s future is bright with many options. For holistic education he  created an environment for the child to feel safe, confident and creative so they can freely grow in expressing themselves and become an individual with unique talents and passions.